Franciscan Peace Connection

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About Us

The Franciscan Peace Connection is one of the newest outreach ministries of the Clinton Franciscan family. We are a San Diego-based outreach ministry organization. Most of our energy initiatives focus on spreading what we know about nonviolence and peacemaking by connecting and collaborating with individuals, groups, organizations, schools, neighborhoods, etc.

Our team includes vowed Catholic Sisters, our Franciscan Associates and Sojourners, as well as other married and single folks, teenagers and sages who share our vision and desire to promote our ministries.

We have a small, intimate welcoming space on La Mesa Blvd. However, we aspire to connect and be invited to collaborate with larger groups in community settings. We are available to meet with individuals and small groups and we are prepared to do trainings, retreats, days of reflection, etc. (Click on our Programs page to become familiar with our scope of possibilities.) 

We envision connecting with people around the planet. We invite you to join us as instruments of peace; please assist us in connecting people to people everywhere. Collectively and consciously we can increase our human vibration until we are in synergy with the universe, where all do live as One!

Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa

Our motherhouse, The Canticle, and our Administration Offices are situated between the Mississippi River and farming country in the most eastern area of Iowa. As the number of vowed Sisters diminishes the number of Sojourners and Associates increases. Chapter 2012, our highest governing body, met in July to adopt a new leadership model and to begin further development of each of the three expressions of our Clinton Franciscan family. We invite you to learn more about who we are and how we are bringing about the kin-dom of God from our website:

About Our Logo

The blue/green circle...
All of creation is one, interconnected, evolving relationship of relationships. We humans are the midwives and stewards of all created things.

The brown Tau...
The Tau, our universal Franciscan symbol, reflects our rootedness in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our personal commitment to conversion and our choice to be instruments of peace. 

The lighthouse...
Lighthouses welcome and illuminate without judgment and/or discrimination. The members of the Franciscan Peace Connection strive to do the same. 

About Our Franciscan Beliefs
  • We are all one with creation.
  • Nobody, nothing can be neglected.
  • God was always going to send Jesus Christ to be among us.
  • The Gospels are our Handbook of Life.
  • Conversion and transformation are basic components of human development.
  • We are called to be instruments of peace.
  • Unconditional love and forgiveness are ideals toward which we strive.
  • The principles of nonviolence help to heal and transform creation.